Twins reunited after years-long separation

No not these guys

Today was a great day. The culmination of research, contacting, planning and finally execution. We reunited twins separated at birth. Missions work never ends in our home…..but I love it (and Stacy puts up with me so everyone wins).

Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 9.03.59 PM

no not those twins either

That’s me and my buddy Dan in India circa 2010. Folks often confuse us as being twins (he’s 5’10” 270ish police force weightlifting champ).

2013-08-11 20.30.12

These are the twins I’m so excited about!

They’re obviously dizygotic. The older graying one was adopted a few years ago and has over 60,000 miles travelled with me. Although she’s getting up there, she can still rock the tattoos – sans stretch marks even – from HKIA and Cambodia customs on her sides. We had the Mike Tyson-esque face tattoos removed. Gotta have boundaries.


really wish ole gray would listen when we talk about dieting

Kevin prepping ole gray for Tonle San river crossing

Kevin prepping ole gray for Tonle San river crossing

We found ole gray abandoned and lonely a few years ago-no pictures of that fateful day as none of us could have fathomed what God had in store. We were excited to bring her home and knew she’d fit right in with her desire to shield fragile eyeglasses on their journey from donation to delivery.

Ole gray in Bangalore, India ready for the "roads" and rain

Ole gray in Bangalore, India ready for the “roads” and rain


ole gray is great with kids

ole gray is great with kids


So I’m really hoping for a smooth transition for our newest bundle of joy. Join us in prayer for peace and protection as the thought of turning her over to complete strangers – no matter their qualifications – is nerve wracking:


So here’s the deal: we haven’t named our newest little blessing.

Please help us find a name!

I’ll send a surprise gift to whoever comes up with the best name.