The parable of the talents

If you’ve gone to church and/or read a Bible for more than 6 months, then you’ve probably come across the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. I’m no theologian so if you want to know what it really means, google away.

Tonight I was reminded what it looks like. At AWANA for the first time in years I stepped into the older kids’ council time. There in front was a couple in their early 90s who look like they’re in their early 70s. They were speaking of their time on the mission fields of Tanzania, Navajo Nation, California and other locales near and far. The kiddos were more attentive for the 20 minute presentation than I’ve ever seen them. Not because of Jack and Lois’ speaking skills or cool props. Nah. There’s just something about them.

They found Jesus at age 60. Yeah that zero is supposed to be there. In their words they had wasted their life and now wanted to make up for lost time. So for the past 30 years they have spent time serving and sharing at home and abroad. It was so encouraging and convicting (in a good way). I was fortunate to be raised in a true Christian home. I have been given much. How much? I have no clue but there’s no sense in squandering it.

We’re all given 24 hours/day yet we’re all given different numbers of days. Time for me to invest that time now.


*Quick edit* what a night: listening to Palmer Chinchen speak about the “Barefoot Tribe” movement here  What really stood out? At the five minute mark he talks about pastors from Liberia asking him to bring more shoes to potentially combat ebola being transmitted through bare feet. Why do I think this fits? When ebola strikes it’s too late to start delivering shoes to Liberia. When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, my classmate from Optometry training, Ryan, was there. I remember vividly thinking: everyone, especially me, wants to help…..and that’s awesome. But those who are most able are those who haven’t been waiting. Time for me to invest that time now.