Not bipolar. Only bipolarish

Things that make me smile:

-Best I can tell my pancreas is still functioning. Blossom makes more than just cupcakes


-I took a picture of monkeys yesterday because one of them jumped up and slapped the water bottle I was carrying. I’m stronger than a monkey! By the time we got back to the hotel I had forgotten about it. So many random awesome things in a day.

-We continually meet awesome people. Here’s our van driver Kadoe and his dad Sokenoe. Pops is a pastor in Siem Reap. He gave me a huge bear hug when we left and Kimberly said, “Wow. Have y’all met before? He sure seemed to like you guys.” Nope. Just met this morning. Hopefully we are truly being a blessing to those we encounter.


-Eat your heart out ZICO fans. $1.50 for 2 from roadside stand.



-I’ve spent the last week with the most beautiful woman in the world. Actually the last 14 years but the last week we’ve been pretty much joined at the hip. I wouldn’t recommend a trip like this to mend a broken marriage but it’s great for boosting an already terrific one. She never complains.

Luckiest guy ever!

Luckiest guy ever!

-My computer remembered the WiFi password at the Grace & Peace Gals’ home.

-We didn’t die




Things that make me frown:

-Mosquitoes love her almost as much as I do. I won’t show the bite on her upper eyelid. Not everyone loves weird eye stuff like I do. Here’s hoping it wasn’t carrying malaria, dengue or any other fun southeast asia memento.


-Out of the oven and into the greenhouse. Air conditioning that stops working 2 hours into a 6 hour trip makes me frown. Windows don’t open. They’re only there to let in solar radiation and then trap the ensuing heat. Thermometer outside says 95*



-Hand sanitizer was in bag that went missing. Since it just got in last night, we didn’t have a chance to go through it before leaving early this morning.



We’re doing great. Thanks for all the prayers! Tomorrow we start work at the school. You can see a link we just posted on our Facebook page which highlights the groundbreaking ceremony that just took place there. Apparently they rented tents to use during the day for folks waiting in line to see us. Yikes!



One thought on “Not bipolar. Only bipolarish

  1. love these daily updates! keep up the good work

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