Why don’t we in this culture fast any more? I don’t know….but we should. For lots of reasons.

Stacy implemented a “fiscal fast” in our home a year or so ago. Roughly one week per month we don’t spend money. Now I don’t go into our online bill pay and cancel those but pretty much everything else is off limits. No gift cards either. That’s just cheating.

It means we have to plan: fill up the car, buy milk, etc. But part of it is to clean out the cupboards so don’t stock up on food. The kids love it because it often means brinner at some point. It quickly becomes not even about saving money. Just shifting focus/priorities.

And this week Stacy implemented a sugar fast. Terrible idea. Neither of us is overweight, we eat clean so no need to sugar fast. When my father in law showed up unexpectedly we both said “screw this fast thing.” Especially after he said he was leaving a 30 year old 30 foot camper in our yard…..”can I come back this time next year and pick it up?” But then we paused and continued on. Yeah we should fast…..especially when it’s tough.

Money, sugar, food, or stuff don’t give us lasting joy. Sometimes gotta go without to remember.