Fasting Log

This is boring stuff meant for me personally to be able to review down the road.

7pm my last food. Stacy is going to start the Keto diet next week so I made a coconut cream chocolate “ice cream” type deal. Tons of fat to help my blood sugar not spike tonight into tomorrow. Also tried to eat few carbs for dinner for same reason. Already given myself a headache worrying 🙂

6:30am woke up and man this thing has me psyched out. What if I get a migraine? What if my hands start shaking and I can’t perform delicate procedures in the microscope? Whatev have a little faith. 1 tablespoon of MCT oil and a cup of black coffee.

7am brisk 2 mile walk in the rain. What rejuvenation! The sights, the smells, the quiet. Thank you Lord!

10:15am stomach growling but no hangry irritability or real hunger pangs. So much fun to read this email from one of my buddies:

·         I feel my soul being cleansed. It’s amazing what the toxins will do to your body. Not only physically, but spiritually

·         An intense renewed desire for God.. to the point of almost being in tears (so amazing and I didn’t expect this at all!)

·         Clarity and ability to hear God speaking to me directly

·         Satisfaction. Being filled with the spirit is so much more that satisfying than food

11am 1 tablespoon MCT oil. I may have licked the spoon a hundred times to get every last drop. Mostly I’m hungry when I have a few minutes of free time for my mind to wander.

12pm Ok not fun. Everyone is heating up their lunch and the smell is wafting through the office. Time for some prayer and Word.

5pm 1 tablespoon MCT oil. This is going way better than I expected. Basically I get bored and want to go eat something. Otherwise I’m just fine. I ordered some keto test strips which just arrived in the mail. I’m all the way into full blown ketosis already.

8pm day one pretty much in the books. Evening is tough because I’m hungry but mostly due to the fact that I have free time in which to think about food. Fun night taking the kiddos out to ride their bikes and the mental clarity is top notch. Easy to be present and focus.


6:30am woke up mildly dizzy and borderline nauseous. Cup of black coffee and tablespoon of MCT oil. Brisk 2 mile walk and now I’m back to feeling really good. Walking and praying is such an incredible physical, mental and spiritual boost.

12pm 1 tablespoon MCT oil. Still going better than I expected. Slightly weak but nothing major; definitely not enough to interfere with work. Maybe I can do 3 days instead of 2?

2pm scratch that last idea. Had a piece of gum before afternoon patients (tasted like heaven) and my body apparently thought food was coming. 10 minutes later: headache, hungry and low energy.

5pm Blood glucose? 55. So for those who think they can’t do this because they have hypoglycemia I say “fooey.”

8pm day 2 almost in the books. Just kinda low energy. Small bout of “GI distress” but no major problems. Another email from one of the guys: Started asking questions, and at once knew God is at work.  God is opening my eyes about several things.  That God is sovereign in all things no matter what, and you can see him at work even in bad situations.  Looking forward to talking to you guys about this.  God is revealing to me things I never knew about marriage.  God is teaching me things about leadership.  Hang in there guys and enjoy.  This is good stuff!”

What’s fun about these emails are they are from fellas who I would not classify as “spiritual.” Meaning they love Jesus with all their heart but don’t constantly talk about “leaning into Him, finding refuse in His embrace” nor do they sing Hillsong United choruses on repeat for 15 minutes straight.


6am up early to take Lilly to her field trip. No nausea or dizzy but once again just kinda low energy. TIME TO EAT! Oh my goodness it’s heaven. 4 pieces of bacon, 4 eggs with cheddar cheese. Tons of fat to keep me in keto. A short 20 minute trunk workout went surprisingly well. Mild “GI distress” but nothing major.

I can’t recommend this enough. I plan on making it a habit.


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