Today we finished our time in Ratanakiri province. This was my 5th trip up here and Stacy’s 4th. It’s absolutely amazing to see some of the same smiling faces and I was shocked when one of the village pastors said, “I remember your name. It’s ‘Joan.'” I hadn’t seen him in at least 3 years. I was touched.

We saw the staff at the local radio station who do Christian broadcasts including broadcasts in the native languages. I asked Kreg “where did this gentleman get these glasses?” “Oh they were some that you left behind.” I thought I recognized them. It was a reminder that the opportunity for folks here to get eye care is so limited it is almost completely nonexistent. Once again, the only eyeglasses I saw in the villages were ones that we have brought.

Tonight we had the honor of attending Saturday night fellowship. When I first attended this gathering 6 years ago, it really struck me that this group of missionaries from all around the world really understand what it means to function as a body. They all have different strengths and weaknesses; many speak different languages; but they all love Jesus and are living to make Him known so they worship together and encourage one another. We can all learn from their example.

Here’s some random pictures:


Joelle brought by a group of about 8 teenage and young adult ladies she is discipling. They are girls from the villages who live with her so they can attend school in town.
Hotel guest
Also hotel guest. You can see the fly in the cocoon below it.
Poor ole gray! She lost part of her foot.
Our trusty steed. Looking lovely in the red dust.
Our team (missing Jenny) standing in front of the church. Apparently we worked our translator a little too hard.
I always sing a little John Denver in my head when we hit the dirt roads.
That’s a 75 year old dude’s ankle mobility.
It’s cashew harvesting season! Here’s what they look like when they fall spontaneously out of the tree.
I miss all my state of the art equipment back home but it’s also fun to be able to do so much with so little.
The church floor has wooden slats with small gaps in between them. When 70 year old ladies spit and their aim is a bit off, the floor gets wet spots.
My beautiful bride working hard and looking great as always.
Such a trooper! And super Jenny sitting next to her probably preparing someone’s next meal. When God invented hospitality, He had Jenny in mind.
So much dust
4WD needed for THE DUST
I whine about the dust and here are some of the Bible school attendees headed home. We got them about halfway home and then they’ll somehow find a ride the rest of the way. Easily a half day trip.