As we prepare to board our flight to San Francisco, we praise the Lord neither of us has flat out crashed this trip. Yeah we’ve had times of gastrointestinal distress but nothing of the “lose 6 pounds in 36 hours” variety and we’ve certainly been hot and exhausted but nothing of the “I’m too tired to eat; I’ll just see y’all in the morning” variety. We’ve definitely been able to eat. A lot.

Eye Doctor 2019-20
Quick workout with the fighters from The Lord’s Gym. All fun and games until I said, “let me try on the padded belt and let one of them kick me.” YOLO


Eye Doctor 2019-12
“God said, “It’s not good for the man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion.” -Gen 2:18

Best friends forever. I absolutely love this photo. It’s always interesting to see photos after the fact. I was there but I saw what was happening from a different perspective.

I get the prescription, tell her what power of glasses we need, she determines size/shape for the specific patient, tightens the screws, cleans the lenses and hands them to me.

Our wrist tattoos are clearly visible (albeit her wrist photo is now outdated since we added to it here in Phnom Penh). I have the same lotus on my left wrist and she has the same words on her right wrist. Her handwriting on me; mine on her. You’ll notice her lotus looks an awful lot like the AIM logo on her shirt 😉

We always say, and mean, that our work is not about the numbers. There’s only 2 of us. Each one of those numbers is a human loved by Jesus. Each number has a story. However we cannot ignore the numbers. We saw 1156 patients in these last 2 weeks. Probably about half of them needed glasses.