13 years ago UAB built a new campus recreation center which included an indoor rock climbing wall. I was in love. Finally, something for little guys like myself. No more getting run over on the basketball court and football field playing intramural sports.

My classmates used to chuckle as the ROTC cadets would come in and struggle to climb the rope….and then I’d do it….without using my legs.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been following strength and conditioning programming from these guys https://powerathletehq.com/ for the past 6 years. It’s geared toward football and rugby players. I’ve been the smallest guy in the online discussion board since day 1 but I’ve loved the workouts and stuck with it. I’ve added in some rock climbing, grip strengtheners, and lache practice to round out my skill set.

Last summer we were watching American Ninja Warrior with my 87 year old grandmother (she’s the biggest fan ever) and my kids said “you should do that.” I laughed. Most every kid thinks their dad can do such silly things.

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Long story short, I got the call on our way home from Cambodia that I get to compete on American Ninja Warrior Season 11!

Each year over 70,000 folks apply and about 700 get to run the course in one of 6 cities.

The next morning I told Stacy, “you’re going to have to tell me take it easy over the next couple of weeks. My elbow is sore but I didn’t do anything to it.” “You mean like having 120 pounds of kids hang off you while you were hanging from your rings?” She’s so smart.

The whole point of doing this is to raise awareness and funds for AIM. I’ve never asked anyone on here to donate to our mission trips (and I’m not going to start now).

However I am going to ask everyone to donate to AIM https://donate.agapewebsite.org/campaigns/10035-the-eye-ninja

Our trip in early 2019 was incredibly encouraging to show what AIM is doing. It also showed us that the need is still there. Please consider joining our team.